Week 1 - Day 3 : Weigh-in

Ok third day of the program also sets the start of the nutrition program.
Also, for the sake of protocol, I have to weigh-in so : 

Weigh-in, Week 1, January 22nd : 
Previous weight : NA
Current weight : 93,5kg (206 lbs)
Weight lost : 0kg (0 lbs)

Next weigh-in in a week ! 

In the meantime, today is cardio day. So I’ll just take a RPM class later tonight, hoping that my muscles will follow since most of my body hurts from yesterday’s workout…

Also I took some pictures, they’re below and since I don’t really like myself these days I don’t want them displayed on everyone’s dashboard.

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New start

Hello to everybody still following me, it’s been a long time since I have not blogged anything, but that’s definitely going to change in the future. Why, you ask? Well simply because I need something like a journal to keep up with what I’m doing these days. What am I doing these days, you ask? Well, a friend of mine who is still studying to soon become a personal trainer / sports instructor has to write a program and have it tested by someone who she will have to follow during the whole program and then write a report about it. And she chose me. 

And that’s what this blog is going to be about now.
The sports program started three days ago, on Monday, January 20th whereas the nutrition program starts today, Wednesday, January 22nd.

I’m going to document this blog as much as possible with pictures, recipes, workout data and everything I could find useful.

First three weeks are full-body workouts three times a week combined with cardio workouts two times a week + two rest days. 

Game on.

Objectives : 
- Not necessarily lose weight but lose fat, that’s for sure. 
- Grow muscle pretty much everywhere
- Beat a friend of mine at arm wrestling (game date is set : Aug 30th)
- Adopt healthy eating habits
- Look nice on the beach this summer ? Haha

Productive day !

9k (5.6 mi) run - This run was pretty cool, I’m still totally pain free, which is totally awesome. Or should I say almost pain free since my new shoes are giving me gigantic blisters (for those of you who feel like facing my feet, click Read More). I ran with good friend of mine, time flies by really quickly when you run with somebody, never thought of that. Anyway, 9k in a little less than 52 min, pretty satisfied. 

Also, I’ve decided to register to my first half-marathon which will take place in the city where I study - Strasbourg, on may the 12th of this year. Pretty excited about it ! I’m gonna follow a training plan, still don’t know which one yet, thinking about Hal Higdon Novice 1 or 2. 

Awesome little dinner : 

(Cherry tomatoes and pickles salad) 

(Grilled chicken and taboulé

Low cal (I’d say about 500kcal for everything), delicious and very filling. A very nice dinner to eat after a run. Also, I was really satisfied since it’s pretty fast to cook and I’m really lazy when it comes to cooking, especially when it implies that I’ll have a lot of dishes to wash afterwards haha. 

The Fuelband displays 3502 Fuel Points for today, good since my daily objective was 3000. I usually set it to 3000 for running days, 2000 for regular school days, and 4000 for days when I plan to move a lot (typically weekend days when I get up early, go running in the morning, go window shopping in the afternoon and go to the club at night)

So yeah, that’s it for today. See ya folks ! 

Picture of my feel (click at your own risk) : 

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I’m so full.

So this weekend, I decided to enjoy food as much as I could as I want to get back on healthy eating this monday since I’ve gained a little holiday weight that still is hanging around. 

Also, as a reward, I’m going to buy a PS3 when I’m back at 76kgs (167,5 lbs) which represents something like 3/4 kgs to lose (7/8 lbs).

That, my friends, means running and eating a lot of greens and proteins. I guess I’m just going to eat healthy stuff without counting the calories. Although this method has proven to be effective on me, I find it very tiring to write down everything you’re eating. 

As for running, I think I’ma run three times a week. 
On tuesday and thursdays, I can run with a friend of mine which is awesome because it forces you to keep up and not stop, I really was surprised as I always saw myself as a lonely runner. 

Photo of this weekend, on which I look like a kid : 

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What happened in those seven months ?

Oh, where to begin.
For those who remember, and I don’t expect a lot of people to remember that, I was injured back when I left Tumblr, well this injury lasted for a long time, it actually just started to get better a couple months ago after a lot of PT sessions and a lot of rest. As a matter of fact, I didn’t run for over four months between july and december, but it’s good to be back on track again !

I’ve managed to -moreless- maintain my weight, even if it’s still fluctuating A LOT. Right now I think I’m weighing about 78kg (172 lbs) which, back then was my UGW. I’ve come to realize it’s really hard to maintain weight, probably harder than to lose it.
What else, food-wise I’m still having a lot of trouble controlling myself, and binges still do happen sometimes, my doctor thinks I might have some EDs, which really shocked me when he told me. So I’m still working on eating right and having a healthy lifestyle. 

In my personal life, I’m really happy, I have the most awesome friends in the world and I’m having a lot of fun with them. In other words, I’m having the time of my life ! 

That pretty much sums it up. I’m really looking forward to blog again and share my experiences with you. I look forward to my first races in 2013, including a half-marathon (probably in may) and I of course can’t wait to see how you people have been doing during all this time. I’ve missed the community ! 

Back in Business !

Hello again Tumblr ! 
Damn, that’s been a while. For those of you who did not un-follow my blog (first of all, thanks) and who still remember me, I left this blog post-free since June 2nd of last year because I wasn’t able to run anymore and because I had reached my goal weight. In my goodbye post, I mentioned that I could eventually come back, and here I am. 

So yes, I’m back ! I hope I’ll be able to catch up with all you guys (don’t expect me to scroll down my dashboard till june though haha). Still, I look forward to read all of your blogs again, and I already saw some of you made some amazing progress (special thoughts going to Stacy, I saw you were a marathoner now, you rock!). 

Taking a break from Tumblr for a while.

I’ve decided to leave this blog aside for a little time. I feel like since I’m not running and not really on a diet anymore I don’t have a lot of things to say anymore. Keep posting would be forcing myself, that’s why I think it’s a natural path. 

Thus, for some time I’ll take a step back from Tumblr. This community has been awesome with me, each and every one of you were part of the ones who gave me the strength of reaching my goals and I’ll be eternaly thankful for that. But all good things come to an end. 

Goodbye Tumblr,
Maybe I’ll be back someday, who knows.

- Thibz.  

Stacy who’s a ray of light in my days hehe
Phil just ran his first marathon, congratz man! 
Runningtoescapethetruth : one of my biggest source of inspiration
Anna awsome and sexy :D 
Michael who’s training for a tri - I have no doubt he’ll get there
Ben who ran the VLM for charity
Robin. Because who doesn’t know Robin !
Byron my role model here on Tumblr. His progress is just amazing. 
Le Ben. Well, our leader :) 
  • Stacy who’s a ray of light in my days hehe
  • Phil just ran his first marathon, congratz man! 
  • Runningtoescapethetruth : one of my biggest source of inspiration
  • Anna awsome and sexy :D 
  • Michael who’s training for a tri - I have no doubt he’ll get there
  • Ben who ran the VLM for charity
  • Robin. Because who doesn’t know Robin !
  • Byron my role model here on Tumblr. His progress is just amazing. 
  • Le Ben. Well, our leader :) 

100 followers & an awesome weekend :)

What a nice way to start a week. Welcome to all my new followers. It’s really nice to have you on board, I hope you’re going to enjoy following me :)

This weekend was pretty busy, it involved a lot of partying, alcohol, bad eating but to be honest I couldn’t care less this time. In fact that was one of the best weekends I had in a very long time. 

One of the reasons is that, for the first time in eight months, I jumped in a swimming pool with my friends ! :D (the fact that I was drunk clearly helped).

I’m on the right on this picture. 
Oh yeah, it was 6.30 am when this picture was taken and we had just gotten back from a party where a lot of booze went down. Not going to enter the details as some parts of the evening are embarassing haha.

Still have to recover. Had almost no sleep these last three days. 
Thank God, today’s schedule is empty :D  

runningdream-deactivated2012101 said: Hey! Awesome blog :D Your progress is incredibly motivating. Congrats on passing second year. I'm so jealous that you're on holidays already! All the best with all your fitness goals etc. :)

Hey! Thanks for all the kind words, they really brightened my day :) All the best for you aswell, I really like your blog ;)